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The NEW 2017 Fairing for the Dyna

By July 14, 2015Articles

The NEW Dyna Fairing: How do you retro fit them?


FXBDA with the NEW 2016 Fairing


Snug, neat fit

Harley-Davidson have released a new bikini fairing designed for the latest 2016 models of the Dyna range. Styled on the earlier V-Rod fairings it’s been enlarged slightly whilst still maintaining its sleek, compact appearance. The first questions that came to mind were will it fit my 2013 Street Bob, and how effective will it be as a wind deflector or is it just another bit of bling?

Fitting the Dyna Fairing

The fairing and mounting brackets must be ordered separately, a process both the H-D guy and I had to work through. The actual brackets and components fitted together easily mounting under the stem of the headlight mount (a bracket with rubber mounts for the base of the fairing), and the upper all in one bracket securing to the bottom of the top triple-tree. It also holds the inner fairing panel that obscures the light bounce back.


Lower mounting bracket


Gauge mounting bracket

There is only one catch. On the new 2016 Dynas they have two pre-drilled and tapped holes to receive the bolts for the upper mounting bracket. On my 2013 Dyna I had to get these holes drilled and tapped myself. This of course required me to pull down the front end to remove the triple tree in order to drill the holes and tap them correctly, but I also used that opportunity to replace the steering head bearings. Other than that, the brackets are well thought out, minimal allowing plenty of room for any gauges you might want to fit, and it wasn’t difficult to fit.


Upper mounting bracket


Fairing mounts

How Effective Is It as a Fairing?


Rev gauge visibility

I have a set of Burleigh Bars with 8″ pull-back risers on my Dyna. I had Dave from Burleigh Bars insert a flat piece of steel between the risers like on the V-Rods. This was surprisingly effective in creating a wind break without having an actual fairing. When I attached the new H-D bikini fairing I noticed and even greater deflection of wind. Apart from what felt like increased buffeting around my head (I’m a bit tall) there was a noticeable improvement in comfort with a decrease in wind buffeting around the body. And of course, the faster I went the better it worked.

The real question for me is if it didn’t work would you take it off. The answer is yes, but it’s still on my bike and even now mounts a rev gauge, which is great because I can’t see those small numbers on the tank gauge. To mount the gauge I cut a 64mm hole to fit the 60 mm diameter gauge. I used some trimming channel rubber from Clark’s Rubber to line the edge which provided a snug fit. I even had to use WD-40 to slip it in. I then used a length of roof strapping galvanized steel to make a bracket, and then drilled the holes to mount to the existing mounting bolts.

For a pdf with a schematic diagram of the parts and part numbers for ordering the fairing kit through Harley-Davidson click pdf.

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