Long Live the King, the King is Dead!

Traditional Dyna twin-shock models dropped.


Siege of Woodenbong

NSW, QLD police and AFP Target Social Motorcycle Clubs


Siege of Woodenbong

Indepth interviews & additional video footage


NEW Raptor Screens

For 2016 DYNA Fairings


The NEW Milwaukee-8 Test Ride Review

The Milwaukee-Eight 107 cubic inch power plant, does it deliver?


The new DYNA Fairing: retro fitting.

How to fit on earlier models with .pdf diagram of parts and part numbers to order.


Getting More out of my Dyna: Things to know

Benefits and pitfalls of boosting horse-power on your Harley.

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Siege of Woodenbong – the Ben Hunter Interviews

Ben Hunter of Hunter Motorcycles runs a Yutube site and Facebook page that presents current affairs around the biker culture. After the combined operations of NSW Raptor, QLD Maxima and... Read More

The Siege of Woodenbong : Queensland and NSW Police Target Social Motorcycle Clubs

Siege of Woodenbong (Video of Seinor Constable Murphy assaulting a member of the Veterans MC Australia)   The Queensland and New South Wales police targeted the Gold As Good Charity... Read More

“Long Live the King, the King is Dead”

“Long Live the King, the King is Dead” New 2018 H-D Model Line-up God save the King, Long Live the King! With the release of the new 2018 models some... Read More

The NEW Raptor Screens for 2016 DYNA fairings

NEW Raptor Screens 2016 Dyna Model Fairing Two NEW screens have been developed for the 2016 Dyna Fairing that blend design with performance. The two types are the Standard and... Read More

Victorian Government Changes 5 Road Rules, June 2017

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The Milwaukee-Eight: 107″ engine

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Getting More out of my Dyna: Things to know

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The NEW 2017 Fairing for the Dyna

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