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The NEW 2017 Fairing for the Dyna

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The NEW Dyna Fairing: How do you retro fit them?


FXBDA with the NEW 2016 Fairing


Snug, neat fit

Harley-Davidson have released a new bikini fairing designed for the latest 2016 models of the Dyna range. Styled on the earlier V-Rod fairings it’s been enlarged slightly whilst still maintaining its sleek, compact appearance. The first questions that came to mind were will it fit my 2013 Street Bob, and how effective will it be as a wind deflector or is it just another bit of bling?

Fitting the Dyna Fairing

The fairing and mounting brackets must be ordered separately, a process both the H-D guy and I had to work through. The actual brackets and components fitted together easily mounting under the stem of the headlight mount (a bracket with rubber mounts for the base of the fairing), and the upper all in one bracket securing to the bottom of the top triple-tree. It also holds the inner fairing panel that obscures the light bounce back.


Lower mounting bracket


Gauge mounting bracket

There is only one catch. On the new 2016 Dynas they have two pre-drilled and tapped holes to receive the bolts for the upper mounting bracket. On my 2013 Dyna I had to get these holes drilled and tapped myself. This of course required me to pull down the front end to remove the triple tree in order to drill the holes and tap them correctly, but I also used that opportunity to replace the steering head bearings. Other than that, the brackets are well thought out, minimal allowing plenty of room for any gauges you might want to fit, and it wasn’t difficult to fit.


Upper mounting bracket


Fairing mounts

How Effective Is It as a Fairing?


Rev gauge visibility

I have a set of Burleigh Bars with 8″ pull-back risers on my Dyna. I had Dave from Burleigh Bars insert a flat piece of steel between the risers like on the V-Rods. This was surprisingly effective in creating a wind break without having an actual fairing. When I attached the new H-D bikini fairing I noticed and even greater deflection of wind. Apart from what felt like increased buffeting around my head (I’m a bit tall) there was a noticeable improvement in comfort with a decrease in wind buffeting around the body. And of course, the faster I went the better it worked.

The real question for me is if it didn’t work would you take it off. The answer is yes, but it’s still on my bike and even now mounts a rev gauge, which is great because I can’t see those small numbers on the tank gauge. To mount the gauge I cut a 64mm hole to fit the 60 mm diameter gauge. I used some trimming channel rubber from Clark’s Rubber to line the edge which provided a snug fit. I even had to use WD-40 to slip it in. I then used a length of roof strapping galvanized steel to make a bracket, and then drilled the holes to mount to the existing mounting bolts.

For a pdf with a schematic diagram of the parts and part numbers for ordering the fairing kit through Harley-Davidson click pdf.

Getting More out of my Dyna: Things to know

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The DYNA Transformation

2013 FXDBA From this .............

2013 FXDBA From this ………….


….. to this. Transformed to 114 bhp, sub 12 sec 1/4 mile

I bought a new Street Bob FXBDA, first of the 103 motors, four years ago. Since then I have incrementally upgraded the bike so that I could judge improvements and have done 95,000 kms. The Bob now has 114 bhp at the wheel and does sub-12 second quarter miles. If you want more from your bike then this is my story.

When I bought the bike I had a Stage 3 kit installed with the Screaming Eagle race tuner, Screaming Eagle air cooler, and Bisani two into one pipes. The Bisani pipes worked well with this engine and produced a nice note. I also installed an external oil filter since the engine had been upgraded, to help with the extra heat generated.

Although I had already upgraded the performance of the bike it’s important to make sure both you and the bike can control the bike with more power at the throttle. The initial problem was the handling. It was hard to hold a set line and either wallowed or bounced through corners depending on the spring setting. The shocks were just that, shocking. They had to go. I replaced them with a set of KAZI shocks from GAZI suspension with adjustable dampening and spring preload; a quality shock but at local pricing. That made a huge difference straight up. I haven’t had to touch them since and they’re still working perfectly.


PM brakes, GAZI shocks, Bisani 2-1 exaust

The next issue was the front end. It tended to get flex, right when you didn’t want it. So, I put on a H-D fork brace with a noticeable improvement. The next issue was braking. The brakes were either on or off, with little tactile feel in between. So, I upgrade them to a set of PM brakes, 6 piston front and 4 piston rear. What a difference good brakes make. You had that tactile feel going into corners and could feather the brakes whilst dropping into it. But, the front end was still tending to walk out on rough roads, so I upgraded the suspension with a set of Race Tech suspension using their Gold Valve emulators with internally adjustable dampening. They cost about $300 plus fitting. This made a further noticeable improvement.

Now that I had a bike that could handle improvements in power it was time to look at the rest of the bike. If you are going to have a motor that produces more power than the standard bike you’ve got to expect to have problems with the drive-train because of all the extra stress. Well, at 20,000 kms the clutch started showing signs of stress with it completely collapsing when doing a burn-out; the clutch was out, the motor was revving but the rear wheel was not having a bar of it. That was at 30,000 kms. Good bye clutch. When I pulled it down I wasn’t surprised; engineered to minimal specs. I replaced it with a JIMS racing clutch. The difference was chalk and cheese. Not only in appearance but feel. A much smoother clutch with various spring settings supplied.

Well, talking about minimal specs, and while we are on the discussion about clutches, the next thing to go was the clutch basket. It cracked up. There was a rattling sound coming from the primary case. The clutch basket had fractures all around the basket with a section about 2″ long missing. So we replaced it with another standard basket. This didn’t last long. The next time it broke up I was flying down the drag strip at Willowbank on my first run when it went. I didn’t realise until someone noticed all the oil pooling under the primary case when I was lining up for a second run. It had thrown a section of the basket and cracked open the primary case from top to bottom. You could see the drive chain through the gap. Lesson number two, minimal spec, if your going to upgrade your engine performance you need to look at everything in your drive chain. I replaced this with a billeted clutch basket from Rollies and upgraded everything in the primary case area including the harmonic balancer (H-D came out with an upgrade).

I had done only 50,00 kms and was noticing a decrease in performance. I had a compression check done to find that the front pot, yes, the front pot not the back pot, was only 110 psi compression. After pulling it down to do a top end upgrade we found that the front pot had glazed over. This was most probably due to a poor finish on the cylinder walls. Since this was problem to address, and while the top end had to be pulled down I decided to do all the engine mods to improve performance and reliability of the motor. These included a high flow oil pump, geared cam drive, adjustable push rods for ease of adjustment, roller rockers and lifter kit, as well as a new set of barrels, pistons and 110 cylinder head that has all been diamond honed (cylinders), ported and polish heads with upgraded springs, and 10.5:1 compression pistons that had been matched to the barrels. The bike was then dyno-tuned through Procycle Dyno to produce 114 bhp.

When is enough, enough? Never, if there is an improvement that still produces an everyday rider. In order to help put the power to the road the next mods would shave one second off the quarter mile. The bike was due for some maintenance like steering head bearings, swing arm bushes, etc, so I decided to replace the drive belt and put a smaller drive pulley on, from a 32 tooth to a 30 tooth pulley which I got off J&P Cycles in the States who can supply a hardened steel pulley in this size. This gave the bike more grunt at lower revs making the bike quicker off the mark without any significant loss at the top end; the bike still does the 210 kms from corner to corner. I also replaced the gear box which was showing signs of wear with fine steel grit in the transmission oil, with a 7-Speed Bake box. This was the last link in the drive train, and while I can’t complain about the standard H-D box, the Baker box is a stronger, smoother unit. This gave a much smoother feel through the gears with the 30-tooth pulley upgrade. The top end gear revs at 3,000 rpm at 130 km/h.

Well, if you were asking yourself how much did all this cost, then all up about $15,000 for the upgrades. I paid $31,000 for the bike new with the Stage 3 kit and accessories. So the bike owes me $46,000. If I were to do this all again would I do things differently. Probably. I might start with the new Street Bob in the 110 motor. But if I could find one second hand I would opt for that. I had to throw half the new bike away, and then rebuild the engine within 30,000 (which is not uncommon), so I could save a good chunk of change buying second hand. The savings I could then throw into upgrades.

The only thing that remains is a bottom end re-build and upgrade. That is happening right now. The later Dyna aren’t fitted with tincan bearings as standard like they used to be; ouch, HD’s cost cutting again. So, a kit will be put in to give it more strength and longer life. The engine is also getting some attention while it’s all pulled down. It’s being bored out to a 106 cubic inch with S&S Forged pistons 10.5:1 and the crank refurbished and balanced. The Harley barrels have enough wall thickness to accommodate this without the risk of the barrel warping due to heat. Of course, it’ll have to get dyno tuned. So it’ll be interesting to see how these modifications have improved the outputs by comparing this dyno record with the previous – can’t fragrantly elaborate of how great the bike is now without proof – even though it’s tempting.

I’m considering an upgrade to fuel management system for the next improvement, maybe a Thunder Max. I’m running the Screaming Eagle module right now. It’s been alright, can’t complain. If I do switch it’ll be after these upgrades have been done and the bike dyno tuned. Then I’ll be better able to gauge the true value of such an upgrade by comparing the dyno tune output and performance records.

The Milwaukee-Eight: 107″ engine

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Harley Davidson have unveiled their next generation air cooled V-twin motor, the Milwaukee-Eight as a 107 cubic inch power plant. Does the Milwaukee-Eight deliver? Will it be what the twin-cam was to the Evo promising improvement in performance whilst delivering that distinctive Harley feel?

I was given a test ride on a stock standard Street Glide by Paul from Morgan and Wacker, Newstead. I was surprised at how responsive the throttle was something you’d expect from a worked bike. Its power delivery was smooth and strong through the rev range but power delivery flattened off over the 3,500-4,000 rpm. In terms of power the Milwaukee-Eight is a step up from the 103 cubic inch. It would be interesting to see what you’d get out of it if it was worked.

The engine is definitely smoother with reduced vibration due to a new internal single counter balance and has a different engine note. It has it’s own unique feel and character. It is something you’d have to judge for yourself whether you like it or not.

The power delivery is achieved through having four valves per head, twin spark plugs and higher compression ratio. This is coupled with a 55 mm throttle body. The only thought with the spark plugs is that you have to remove the fuel tank to change spark plugs as the second plug is directly behind the other.

Other benefits reported by Harley-Davidson include reduce heat absorption producing cooler running, and 50% improved charging to meet touring needs.

At present the Milwaukee-Eight is only available in four models all baggers; Road King, Ultra-Limited, Street Glide Special and the Road Glide Special.

Overall, I’m undecided. I wouldn’t be trading in my worked 103” for the Milwaulkee-Eight at this stage, but I respect that the new engine does deliver on it’s promise to deliver improvements over past engine models.

TAS, Ulverstone “2018 North West Motorcycle Show”, 10 – 11 Feb 18

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10 – 11 Feb 18 (Sat – Sun)

Time:  10:00 – 4:00 PM Feb 10 & 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Feb 11

Location: TAS, Ulverstone Rowing Club, Kings Parade, Ulverstone.
Host:  North West Motorcycle Show

Description:  See some of the best bikes around with the usual and some interesting categories including Veteran. Vintage, Classic, Early Modern, Modern, Best Paint, Modified, Custom, British, Japanese, European, USA, Competition, Postie, Barn Find, Scooter, Ladies bike and Three-wheeler bikes.

Show includes Licensed Bar Facilities, Catering, Dealer Displays, Demo Ride and Merchandise.

Tickets will be available on the day at the gate.

For more information use the links below or you can message the North West Motorcycle Show Facebook Page.

 Entry Cost:  Individual admission: $10 for one day or $15 for two days, Kids under 12 FREE

For further Information:

SA, Gladstone “Escape from Gladstone Goal”, 24 Feb 18

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24 Feb 18 (Sat)

Time:  9:30 AM Feb 24 – 5:30 PM Feb 25, 2018

Location: SA, Veterans MC Mid-North Chapter Clubhouse, 445 Kentish Road, Bibaringa.

Host:  Veterans MC, Mid North Chapter, S.A

Description: We’ll be meeting at the clubhouse at 9:30 am on Saturday, with sands up at 10:00 am. We’ll be returning on Sunday. All welcome.

Entry Cost:  $20 to stay at the Goal.

For further Information:


QLD, “Pigs Arse Poker Run” 8 Apr 17

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8 April 17

Time: Sign from 8 am, Run leaves 11:30

Location: QLD, ISI Club, Bruce Highway, Childers.

Host: Consolidated Bikers Association Australia

Description: The 2017 Rebel Fm Pigs Arse Poker Run is on Saturday 8th April at the Isis Club Bruce Hwy Childers.
There are Big Cash prizes for Best Hand and Worst hand for the Day. Friday Nite is a Meet and Greet with The V Twins Rock Duo Live at the Isis Sports Club.

After Run Party Saturday Nite with Flame Classic Rock Band til late.
Breakfast available from Isis Sports Club Saturday and Sunday Morning …
Huge Smorgasbord Dinner Saturday Nite

Camping available at Sugar Bowl Caravan Park on Bruce Hwy North Side of Town..and overnite campers, etc, etc, at back of RSL only 200 meters from Isis Club

This is our 13th Annual Poker Run and as usual there will be T Shirts and Stickers Available…Everyone Most Welcome

Entry Cost:  $10 per had

For further Information:

QLD “April Fools Fools Run Poker Run” 22 Apr 17

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22 Apr 17

Time: 10 AM – 4 PM

Location: QLD, Sundowner Pub, Haigslea.

Host: Veterans MC Brisbane Chapter

Description:  There is $200 for the best hand, and a helmet from X-Rated Helmets for worst hand. There will be lucky Rider draws at each stop of a bottle of spirits from our local publican, and multiple draws from two raffles with prizes from our sponsors. There will be free giveaways friom our sponsors at the final stop at the D’Aguilar Pub.

The Poker Run will leave from the Sundaowner Haigslea and go up the range through Murhpy’s Creek towards Cabarlah for lunch at the Farmers Tavern before meandering back down the range to Esk for a beer stop at the Esk Pub. We’ll then be going to the DAG via Somerset dam, a nice twisty bit of road, our final and the beer garden there.

We will have the ride merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, etc if you want.

Entry Cost: $20 per person

For further Information:

QLD “GeazeFest 2017” 4-6 Aug 17

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GeazeFest 2017

4 – 6 August 2017 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Location:  QLD, Cleveland Showgrounds, cnr Smith & Long Sts, Cleveland.

Start Time: 7:00 – 11:00 pm

Host: GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival

Description: Live band and Hot Rod show festival featuring : –

Friday: 7:00 – 11:00 pm

The Lincolns
The Hi-Boys
Little Billy
The Haymakers
DJ Jimmy D

Von Hot Rod, USA
Krazy Dotty, Japan
Cathy Meija, USA
Mimsy’s Trailer Trash Tattoo
Tiki Carving
Cherry Dollface
Hot Rod Show
Pinups on Parade
Art Show
RSPCA Art Challenge
Gourmet Foodies

Saturday: Greazefest Day One – 10am to 5pm:

Benny & The Flybyniters
The Koffin Rockers
Lovejoy Surf
Jon Flynn’s Knights of Sin
The E.R.T. Trio
DJ Jimmy D

Night events – 5pm to 10pm:

Pike Cavalero (Spain)
Rusty Pinto
Eddie Gazel (France)
A Band Called Twang
DJ Leapin’ Lawrie

Sunday: GreazeFest Day Two – 9am to 6pm

Licensed Bar on-site.

Gourmet Foodies

Conditions of Entry: NO BYO.

Entry Cost: For the various tickets click here.

For further Information:

QLD “3rd Annual 59Club “Bikes, Rods & Customs Show”” 23 July 17

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3rd Annual 59Club “Bikes, Rods & Customs Show”

23 July 2017

Host: 59ClubBRCS

Location: QLD, 8042 Main Street, Bunderim, The Buderim Mount State School

Time:from 9am to 2pm

Entry Cost: Public Gold Coin Entry, Display entry $10


Description: Do you have a special Bike, Rod or Custom you’d like to display and help us raise money for local youth works, then bring it down!All vehicles and clubs welcome, Sports to Cruisers, Muscle to Classic, Aussie to Imports.Show vehicles to arrive prior to 9am and are expected to stay until judging at 1pm.

Proceeds go to help support Chapy Dave and local youth works in the area.Chapy Dave is an amazing man that helps feed and clothe local kids, often out of his own pocket, he has a big heart for the kids.

Stall holders, please make contact to discuss setup times and any requirements you have (power etc). All stalls to be setup by 8:45am.


-ASRF TC 164-01-2017
-Live bands
-Food & Drink
-Kids Entertainment

Show Categories:

Best Rod, Best Classic, Best Origonal, Best Import, Best Custom, Best Aussie, People’s choice

Best USA, Best British, Best European, Best Jap, Best Sports, Best Cafe ,Best Custom, People’s choice

For further Information:

Winter Ponde

SA “Winter Ponde” 28-29 July 17

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28-29 July 17

Time: Jul 28 at 12 PM to Jul 29 at 11 PM

Location: Ponde, South Australia.

Host: Off The Street

Description:  WINTER PONDE is around the corner. This one is not to be missed! With rumours of some tuff bikes and interstate burnout cars will be attending. FMX will be held on sunday this year.

Food and drinks will be available.

Entry Cost: Entrants $100, Spectators $50, Kids FREE

For further Information:

NSW “LRTMC Back To Basics Rally”, 28 July 17

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28 – 30 July 2017 (Fri-Sun)

Time: 12:00 PM (Fri)

Location: NSW,  Tingoora rest area, Bunya Highway on Tingoora Charlestown Rd, Tingoora.

Host: Leisure Riding Touring MC

Description: There are NO bar facilities so its BYO drinks, but there is a pub opposite the camp grounds. There are public toilets and portaloos  but NO showers.

Saturday lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast BBQ available through the local P&C, but feel free to BYO food and cooking facilities.

Saturday afternoon we’ll be holding a gymkhana for a bit of fun and entertainment. There will be communal fire pits at night and firewood can be bought there at $10 a bag.

Entry Cost: $20 per person. Children under 12 FREE. This includes camping fees.

Conditions of Entry: NO cars, NO vans.

QLD “Bayside Brothers Bikes, Burritos n Beer” 29 July 17

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Bayside Brothers Bikes, Burritos n Beer

29 July 2017 (Sat)

Location:  QLD, Shop 24, 70 Michael Avenue, Morayfield (Map)

Start time: 5:30 pm

Host: BSB North Coast Promotions

Description: Bikes, burritos n beers is on again! If you own a bike, does not matter what type or make, bring it down! Prizes to be won for best bike and also raffles being run throughout the night.
Get all your mates and ride down! Will be another awesome night!

Entry Cost: FREE

Conditions of Entry:

For further Information:


QLD, “Night of Thunder” 29 July 17

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29 July 17 (Sat)

Time: 5 PM – 8 PM

Location: Florrey Bel Coffee Shed, 222-224 Mt Crosby Road, Tivoli, Ipswich.

Host: Legacy SMC

Description:  Legacy social club is proud to present our “Night of Thunder” BIKE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!
Also we have a live band.  Bikes and cars welcome to join in the fun with prizes for:

  • Bikes – top custom bike, top original bike, top sport bike, top cruiser.
  • Cars -top custom car, top original car, top two door, top four door.

REGISTRATION table will be signed and visible. There will be trade stands, raffles, and the best burger, chips and drink deal around for $10…… as well as raffles throughout the night. ….

It starts at 5:00 PM with prizes awarded at 7.30 PM.

PLEASE respect the neighbours. (Burnouts and stupidity will not be accepted).



Entry Cost: Gold Coin going to the Hospice, Ipswich.

For further Information:


QLD, “Head West” Ride, 30 July 17

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30 July 17 (Sun)

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Stand up 9:30 AM.

Location: QLD, Sundowner Hotel Caboolture,Cnr Aerodrome Rd & Bribie Island Rd, Caboolture.

Host: Ace & Eights SMC

Description: It’s time to head West !!
Meet at Sundowner around 9am stands up 9:30am head to Beerwah, Peachester, then on to Maleny for a Pub stop. Then, off to Kenilworth for lunch. From there we’re going to D’Aguilar where we will finish up.

This ride is open to all so come along and be part of a great day.

Entry Cost: FREE

For further Information:

NSW, “Kings Cross Bikers Feral Run”, 30 Jul 17

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30 Jul 17 (Sun)

Time:  10:30 meet, stands up at 11:00 AM, return about 2:00 PM

Location:  Froth Cafe ( AKA “The Office”), 191-201 Ramsgate Rd, Ramsgate

Host:  Rik Johnson

Description:   Its on again folks. In order to honour the memories of those that have moved on, we will be having our Annual Memorial Ride (“Feral Run”) .

Meet at Froth Cafe ( AKA “The Office”) at 10:30am with stands up at 11am, upon departure we travel to Wayside Chapel and pay our respects to Animal at his Memorial Plaque, then back on the road past Harry’s at Woolloomooloo and on to the bridge.

From the bridge we continue on to the lane cove tunnel and on to the M2, exiting on to pennant hills road. We take pennant hills road to Thornleigh where we will regroup in the car park of McDonald’s. From there we travel to the F3 turn off and proceed to Brooklyn. We will be stopping at the Brooklyn Pub for about half an hour to regroup then off to our little beach area to pay our respects. Once that is finished, people are more than welcome to come back to the pub for a meal and/or drink ( please be responsible, we don’t want to add your name next year) . EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Entry Cost: FREE

For further Information:

QLD “Bernarby All Bikes Drag”, 5 Aug 17

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5 Aug 17 (Sat)

Time: Scrutineering 8 am – 11:30 am, Qualifying 10 am – 1 pm, Racing from 1:30 til late

Host: Bernarby raceway

Location: QLD, Bernarby Raceway, Jono Porter Dr, Benaraby (South of Gladstone).

Entry Cost: Gate Entry $25, Nominations $60.

Description:  A day of bike drags, with live entertainment Saturday night with the “Mason Rack Band”. Racing categories include True Street, Bagger, Pro Street, Modified Bike, Twins and Singles, Modified Historic Pre-1989, Burnout Competition.

Cost of Entry:  Pre Nomination – $60* includes driver – Crew pay gate entry at the gate
– Day Licence $15 if required.

Download an ALL BIKE nomination form by clicking here for Word format or here for PDF copy

Download a ESP form for ANDRA Licence Holders by clicking here for Word format or here for PDF copy   *Nominations must be received before end of trade on Friday 1 week prior to the Round to count as a Pre Nom. Otherwise an additional Late Nom Fee $30 (For any entry received after Pre Noms close)

For further information:

VIC, “Dandenong Dyno Shootout”, 5 Aug 17

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5 Aug 17 (Sat)

Time:  12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location:  VIC, Harley-Heaven Dandenong, 109 Lonsdale St, Dandenong

Host:  Harley-Heaven Dandenong

Description:   Does your Harley have what it takes to win the Harley-Heaven Dandenong Dyno Shootout?
Let’s see……
– TROPHIES & PRIZES for the Top 3
– On-Site Technicians to help with setup.
– Deals on upgrade options

RSVP to Laura by calling.

Entry Cost:  FREE

For further Information:

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