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Bikers4Bikers Down (B4BD) is a network of INDIVIDUALS who are in the biking community & are willing to help a mate in need without bullshit but with compassion…respect…loyalty.. honour & trust.

B4BD has a range of people willing to help at no cost.. call Cheri: 0413 692 847 & ask & the right person to help will be found … from MPs to Engineers .

B4BD looks forward to welcoming new members & volunteers . If you would like to register to become a volunteer call Cheri… if you’re not able to be a registered volunteer you can still help by getting the word out that we are here to help.

If you would like to know more view their facebook page or click the Register NOW button to register your interest and they’ll contact you.

What If I Need a Lending Hand?

If you are a biker in need due to an accident and need a lending hand then please contact B4B Down. You can call Cheri, email her or click the Help Request, complete the form and submit. Cheri will contact you to arrange a helping hand.

B4BD Email :

Phone: 0413 692 847



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