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Motorcycles clubs vary greatly between the predominatly 1%er back patch MC clubs, to back-patch social, military or christian clubs (SMC, MMC or CMC), to breast patch social motorcycle clubs MCC. Clubs vary greatly in terms of the expectations on its members and the values that the club purports, but all are built around riding, mateship and having a good time.

Australia Wide

Vietnam Veterans & Veterans MC

The VV&V MC (Australia) is a military MC of which the VV&VMC (Australia) National Council is the governing body. Return serviceman who hold either a AASM or ASM are eligible... Read More

Diggers MMC

The DIGGERS Military Motorcycle Club is not a 1% club, but an organisation for Regular, Reserve and Ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force – Army, Navy, Air Force as... Read More

American Motorcycle Club

The American Motorcycle Club was established in the eastern states 20 years ago with chapters in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Chapters have regular club rides and... Read More

Military Brotherhood MMC

We are a Tri Service military motorcycle club comprising serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Commonwealth Forces members, their families, friends and support riders. We are a Australia-wide... Read More

Patriots Australia MMC

Patriots Australia is a Military Motorcycle Club for regular, reserve and ex-serving members of the Australian or Allied Defence Forces (Navy, Army and Air Force), Patriots Australia (Inc) MMC was... Read More

Longriders CMC

LONGRIDERS CMC AUSTRALIA is a christian motorcycle club with five chapters in three states. Currently we have a chapter in Melbourne, Victoria; Adelaide, Murray Bridge and Mt Gambier, in South... Read More

The Litas

The Litas are a group of women who love motorcycles. We come together over our common interest and are connected by that throughout the world. We are strong women who... Read More

God’s Squad CMC Australia

God’s Squad is a christian motorcycle club founded in Melbourne in 1972. It primarily exists to minister among the ‘outlaw biker fraternity’, associated groups & those on the social fringe.... Read More

Motorcyclists advocating child empowerment (M.A.C.E.)

We are a volunteer or community minded organisation. We are a social motorcycle club riding together, who are passionate about protecting children, and to help keep children safe in the... Read More

Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.)

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel... Read More