• PART A

    Complete all relevant sections of PART A.
  • If you have already listed your event on Facebook then you need only provide your Facebook details. We'll upload it from there. You should have a point of contact other than just messenger from Facebook. So, if not, please complete the point of contact details below.
  • If you have a flier you wish to attach, or you have all the event details as a file, then upload them here and you are almost finished.
  • You may wish to add a further description in addition to what is covered in your flier. Your description will be used to promote the event so make it as detailed as you can with the view to encouraging riders to attend.
  • Select from the following or select other then insert details.
    (If you have multiple methods select those boxes and complete the appropriate addresses/ information.)
  • What is the name of your facebook page where the event is posted, or cut and paste the URL to the page.
  • (Please include area code for land line numbers)
  • (You do NOT need to include the http://www. )
  • What is the date and time the event will start?

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  • What is the date and time the event will finish?

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  • (Please include suburb and city, ie. Hornsby, Sydney.)
  • (Select the Browse button to attach your file.)
  • PART B

    Complete this section if you would like to order some of the 2018 printed calendar.
  • The next selection relates to whether you wish to order the calendar to retail to your members.


    The calendar will be on sale from the end of October 2017. It will retail for $25. The wholesale price for retailing is $18 enabling your club to earn $7 per calendar whilst promoting your event at the same time.

  • (Select the Upload button to attach your file.)
  • To place an order select the quantity your wish to order below. You should order the quantity you wish to sell as we will be holding minimal stock and printing to quantities ordered.

  • Price: $18.00
  • Please enter a value greater than or equal to 10.
  • $0.00
    (The costs for Postage & Handling for 10 calendars is $13.80. Actual postage may vary depending on destination. The cost for P&H will be calculated on your order and shown on your invoice.)
  • This section relates to processing the order and invoicing.

  • An invoice with details for payment will be sent to the POC email address above. If you wish to have it sent to a different address please insert the appropriate email address.

  • (Please note that payment for the calendars order must be made before the calendars can be shipped. Prompt payment against invoice would be appreciated.)

  • (An A5 leaflet is available with an example of a calendar month and of how to use the calendar.)
  • Please enter a value between 10 and 40.
    (These leaflets will be sent free of charge to your Delivery Address for your order.)
  • To process this form click the "Submit" button

    Thank you for supporting the Biker Events Calendar

    If you have any further questions please contact Michael on 0449 078 267

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