How do I write and submit an Article?

Firstly, there two types of articles that would be acceptable for this site;

  1. A review about an event that has happened, or
  2. An article of interest to the biker community, ie, an interest article.

How do I begin writing a review about an event?

Writing a review is like telling a story. Start at the beginning of the event and take the reader through the ride. What makes an article interesting are the little noticeable or memorable happenings that occur along the way on the run. These could be backed up with pictures to highlight those points in your article.

Once you’ve finished writing the article stop and ask yourself two questions;

  1. What is it about the article that highlights how great the event was (this must be a work of non-fiction..try not to stretch the truth too far)?
  2. Does the first paragraph summarize the event and grab the readers attention?

These two questions apply equally to an interest article.

What sorts of things could you write about for an interest article?

Basically, the article should address two questions;

  1. Does the topic being raised related directly to bikers in the community?
  2. Is the article interesting?

So, an article about knitting would be OUT of the question, unless it related to knitting a beanie for bikers on those cold rides and rallies. But would it be interesting? And, would anyone be interested?

Examples of topics could be:

  • mechanical tips,
  • bike up-grades,
  • new product reviews,
  • introduction of new road laws,
  • impact of government policy on motorcycle riding,
  • anecdotal stories of the above,
  • the funny things that happened on a road trip,
  • etc, etc.

How do I submit the article?

You can submit your article via email by;

  1. Going to the CONTACT page and selecting the email address to automatically open your own email account, or
  2. By cutting and pasting the email address into your own email account.

Or, you can use the on-line forms to upload your article and details for submission. You can do this:

  1. From the main menu under CONTACT go to “Forms“, and select the sub-menu “Article Submission Form“, or
  2. Under the main menu of ARTICLES and select the sub-menu “Article Submission Form“.